About Us

Wacker Brewing Co... The Beer You Always Liked!

Located in the heart of Lancaster City, Pennsylvania, was established by Joseph Wacker in 1853 and contributed a large part to the region's rich brewing heritage.

In the mid 19th century Lancaster was known as the “Little Munich of the West.”

Wacker, the oldest and longest running brewery in Lancaster celebrated its 100-year anniversary on July 3rd, 1953, and was promptly forced to close it doors just 3-years later due to pressure from large mass-production breweries that were taking over. Since then a lot has changed in the brewing industry, however, in Lancaster County much remains the same. We maintain a strong legacy for beer making and our passion for fine craftsmanship still runs deep in our small Pennsylvania Dutch community. The big breweries are still the major players, and they're getting bigger. But Wacker returns, to put the Little Munich back in Lancaster, and it's all about the beer. Traditional, authentic, handcrafted beer, brewed for quality and drinkability.

We are proud to offer our community a symbol of Lancaster’s once flourishing brewing history by re-establishing this signature brand. Although Wacker produced many styles of beer, we are paying homage to the area's legacy by starting again with a focus on the German brewing tradition. We here at Wacker take pride in our hard work and we hope that you will also be proud to once again call Wacker your beer.